Sunday, 25 January 2015

22ND JANUARY and other events of 2015 thus far.

Well hi there,

Or should I say, Happy New Year because though my last post may have been on 6th January, it was merely a summary of my last term at Uni. So Happy New Year folks, hopefully your first 25 days have been fabulous.

Mine have been, well, interesting is probably the best way to put it. Some really cool things have happened, including just term 2 so far in general. But some bad things have also happened, which as much as I love you guys, I don't feel it appropriate to go into detail on here just yet. But in case you actually care, I'm doing ok, it just hasn't been the start to the year I hoped for, you know?

But back to my last few weeks. Well, the best place to start would probably be New Years itself.
After the craziness of the welcoming in 2014 at mine last year, we decided to welcome 2K15 in at Chloe's which was really nice because we hadn't had a nice classic group event back home like that since we all went off to Uni. Obviously, with Chloe, Katie, Max and Ewan at Falmouth with me, it wasn't surprising that I didn't miss them all as much; but it was really nice to see buddies such as Dan, Joe and Chris who I really didn't realise I'd miss just as much as I did in term 1.

New Years was really cool actually, after celebrating my best friend Sophie turning 18 the night before, we turned up at Chloe's a couple hours early still slightly hungover to help set up. What was extra awesome was that some of our uni friends - Beth, Hazel and Ryan - came along to Wiltshire to spend new years with us, so the three of them, plus Sophie and Katie helped us set up at Chloe's. Setting up normally involves clearing away things that could break, mixing the drinks (including my signature drink the 'Bitch, Lauren') the group have become accustomed to and applying our faces. It was really fun actually, especially as Hazel wore the dress I got her for Christmas and Katie and I wore the shoes we got for Christmas that we'd both obsessed over prior to the holidays.
The most memorable moment of new year for me though was midnight itself. We all crammed ourselves into Chloe's living room in order to watch Big Ben chime deliciously and proclaim 2015. As shown in the midnight selfies to the side, we were packed pretty tightly, but it was most definitely memorable.

The next cool thing that happened I guess was 90's Night at the student union to welcome in the start of term 2 back at Falmouth. After being back for a week, and having handed in my portfolio (aka the most incredibly stressful collection of 20 pages) we'd all earned ourselves a night out. This seemed to be a theme all around the campus, with lots of deadlines passing over the first week, so 90's night was what the Stannary (our SU) had to offer. My flat - N3 FOLLOW US ON TWITTER - all got ready to go out and dance the night away, along with our near constant co-conspirators, Katie and Honor-May's course mate Tia. It was a great night, we collectively rocked both the classic preppy and grunge looks, I basically was just dressed how I dress day to day anyway #moodygrungetimes
The thing that annoyed us the most was the lack of Backstreet Boys played at the event. One of our flat anthems is Everybody (Backstreet's Back) and we were all hella looking forward to that classic beat, released 1997 (BSB NERDS).

The second and third weeks of being back involved enhancement workshops for the theatre department at Falmouth, which meant the chance to work with practitioners from outside our Uni. It also meant the chance to work with 1st year Acting and 2nd year Theatre, Acting and Music Theatre students for the first time, so that was interesting.

For the first week I worked with Verity Standen and Tom Spencer on intergrating music into theatre without everything having to be a musical. It was seriously cool and we all learnt so much, including hocketing. By the end of the week we'd created a piece based on the legend of the Salmon of Knowledge using choral techniques as well as body rhythms and the use of large wooden sticks to keep beats and be 'fishing rods'.

During the second week I worked with Nigel and Louise from a company called Shunt. On the first day we worked with objects, and how to quickly come up with an idea for a piece by using only the object as stimulus. The whole idea was to try and not use the object for its intended purpose as well, so there was a lot of creative imaginings on what to do with items such as a lighter, a stuffed toy sheep, a long piece of string, a hat and the roll of black duck tape.
The second couple of days we experimented with using lyrics from songs as inspiration by removing them from the world the songs create. Therefore we read the lyrics out as just pieces of text as apposed to in the assigned rhythm, and even paired them with pieces of music without words.

But one of the most memorable things about working with Nigel and Louise was all of the fun they allowed us to have, which bonded us as a cohort. For example, we had 3 microphones set up in the studio all week which we experimented with, but we also played about with. One day after lunch we started an improv game of 'Scenes we'd like to see' and another day people created an ominous selection of soundscapes, all of which I captured on my phone.

Some seriously cool pieces were unexpectedly created from the simplest of lyrics, such as piece based on some All Time Low lyrics about wasting your life away but still being loved, and a piece about the sick mentality of Meninism inspired by BeyoncĂ©'s lyric 'Who run the world? Girls'. We came up with some cool stuff that week, we should all be proud.

But, an important even also happened during our week with Shunt. On Thursday this week it was the 22nd of January. Now, for most of you this date may seem unimportant, but as you can see from the fact its the title of this post, its a hella important date to me and my friends. You see, some of my absolute favourite music comes from Disclosure and their debut album Settle. You'll probably have heard of Latch feat. Sam Smith if nothing else by them. Well, one of their songs is called January (featuring Jamie Woon) and it included the lyrics 'I'll protect the memory / If baby you can't recall it / You can't recall that / 22nd January / If baby you can't recall it /I won't forget that'. A youtube link to the song was back there btw. Therefore, me and some of my uni friends decided that as it corresponded with a Thursday (aka Falmouth uni student night) we'd go out for the night and go hard. After pre-drinks at my flat, which basically included playing the song over and over again whilst we got more and more drunk plus me and my friend Shaq belting the lyrics out, we headed into town for secondary pre-drinks and collecting up our crew, before going to one of the only few clubs in town.

Now, as you probably don't know, dear reader, Falmouth uni is very rare in the fact that it 1) is primarily and arts university and 2) its in a tiny seaside town in Cornwall, the most South West County you can get in the UK. This means that due to the nature of the town, its not going to have a large amount of places to go out, which thus means students all congregate in the same few locations.

So it, ironically, meant that though we'd gone out with the intention of dancing hard on the 22nd of January - which we had done to some extent all day during the Shunt workshop and during predrinks - we didn't actually get into the club until 00:06 due to the queues. It was ok though, we made up for the lack of club time on 22nd January, by raving our assess off until closing time at 2AM. And, just as we'd promised Nigel and Louise from Shunt, we were back in on Friday morning for workshops at 9:30AM. Though it did mean that myself, Katie, Ben, Shaq, Ryan, Ellis and Dom were slightly hungover. I still managed to sing Black Parade an octave up with a dead voice from drinking so I think I deserve an award. Overall, it was a successful night, and we shall definitely not be forgetting the 22ND JANUARY any time soon.

So yeah, that's been the last few weeks. Hope you enjoyed this update. As per usual you can always contact me in the comments below or tweet me @stonesymes

Over and Out,

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

University Life.

Well hi there,

As I expected to happen, my blogging has once again become lax. So my summer update is gonna have to be cut short because I have a few more pressing entries to post which I have been holding back for a while. That's because for the last few months, I've been adapting to my new life - my university life.

On September 13th I moved in to my new block at Falmouth Uni where I'm studying Theatre. I knew I'd be sharing a room and living in a flat with 7 other people, but none of us had communicated prior to moving in. It was slightly terrifying due to this, as I had literally no knowledge as to the type of people I'd be living with. It turned out, I was put in the most hilarious and fabulous flat I could have ever hoped for.

My flat mates include; India my room mate who studies Contemporary Craft, Honor-May the girly princess who is studying zoology on her path to become a super vet, Lily the interior design student who is just seriously awesome, Harry the photographer who terrifies us all with scary youtube videos, Ben the fine artist who is the epitome of chill, Brodie the history student who generally classes the place up and James the renewable energy student who enjoys attempting to save the world almost as much as he does clubbing. They're all 19 or older, making me the baby of the flat as I'm not gonna be 19 until next June *sigh*. But its pretty damn cool, as well as having a range of ages in the flat, we also have a range of backgrounds and home towns, so we're learning more about ourselves everyday from what we learn about each other #deep

We've really all bonded in the last few months, going out on Thursday student night and doing 'flat family bonding' events at home. We've had interesting discussions and incidents including the flooding of honor-may's room and the 'what animal is brodie' convo. If you wanna follow updates on our uni life in my flat, we all run a twitter called @N3Banter (which was tagged in that @ back there). We've also had some brilliant flat parties, including our Zombie Halloween party, and attended some great student union events at the Stannery our SU, including 80's night (Ben and Brodie dressed in 80's gear above).

But, as well as how my flat are incredibly important in my new life, my course is even more important. I study Theatre here at Falmouth and that means an incredibly full timetable. According to my lecturers, we have the busiest timetable of any theatre course in the UK, and considering most of my days are 9 - 5 I get that completely. And only one day a week we have an afternoon of lectures, the rest of the time is all practical which is brilliant but incredibly exhausting. And as you probably know, dear reader, if you regularly follow this blog - my health is pretty appalling in the winter so everything is seeming a bit run down at the moment.

And as fabulous as my course is, its truly the people that make it. From my course I've made some brilliant friends, including Hazel, Beth and Ryan who decided to come and visit myself, Katie and Chloe in Wiltshire for our annual New Year celebrations. It's kinda cool really, Katie and I met Beth for the first time back on our interview day at Fal back in January last year, it just so happened that we all bonded loads on the day, and became fast friends when we all arrived to start the course in September. (Beth, myself and Katie to the right).

There are some others in our class who have already become legends for specific things; there's Jay who can crack out a brilliant pun on a moments notice, Ryan who got so drunk Katie pretended to be his crying liver and Abbie who is indeed the cutest. She actually brought me round an orange, some berroca and some chocolate biscuits when I was ill last term in an attempt to make me better. She's just a babe. I also bonded with my performance exam group 'Theatre of Truth' a lot through rehearsal, which included a lot of lifting and walking exercises, singing and buying lingerie for Sam. Oh, and A LOT of selfies of Shaq and Matt.

Amazingly, 4 other people from my school also are in my freshers class this year; as you can probably tell, including my besties Katie and Chloe, along with Ewan and Max. It's been seriously cool to hang out with them in a new environment, and get to know each other in different ways.

Now, I've got to be going because I need to be working on my coursework because I wanna get an OK grade this year. Oh, also on the side of my blog I've now got a counter of how many books I've read in 2015. I've challenged myself to read 40 books this year, and seeing as its only the 6th and i'm already well into my 2nd I think imma do it (hopefully). Also, having just properly set up my goodreads account, i'm gonna try and keep my book stuff up to date on there, so feel free to friend me and give me any recommendations!!

Remember you're always welcome to comment below or tweet me @StoneSymes

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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Change is Inevtiable - Part 2

Well hi there,

The last time I graced your screens I began a look back at the events of the summer I so tremendously failed to document at the time. In part 1 I covered until the middle of June, but now I intend to make some more headway until at july(ish)

By ending june, I should probably tell you wonderous folk about my Glastonbury adventures this year. Along with my friends Chloe, Ewan, Chris, Scott and Max, I visited the most highly anticipated music festival of the year, Glastonbury. I don't live that far away from the site, so the general trip there was fine, and Chloe and I pitched our tent with relative ease. Due to my families friends at the festival, we managed to snag a few back stage crew bar passes for acoustic, unfairground and Block 9 which was amazing.(Note Chris to the left posing with his bands)
Chilling at Maceo's in Block 9 on Friday night was brilliant. We drank, laughed and caught up with each other about various trips/how exams went. We even added a few graffiti additions to one of the picnic benches in the bar, including shout outs to our individual twitters - which are tagged in the brackets - ( @lauderish @mcmanhands10 @ewangcameron @stonesymes) During our time in that bar, we found an abandoned 'share a coke with' bottle, which ironically had 'Katie' on it. This was ironic, dear reader, as our friend (and person who is mentioned in almost all my posts) Katie had almost been able to come with us, but in the end couldn't. So we all took turns posing with the 'Katie' bottle, including swag Ewan to the side.

Also, Chloe (left with some beautiful rave paint) and I tried out an interesting (and surprisingly delicious) cocktail entitled a 'fistfuck'. Ah, Glastonbury, such beautiful titles. Between us all, we saw (and heard from our tent) quite a few different bands and artists, including Ed Sheeran, Lana Del Ray, The 1975, Kelis, Rudimental, Elbow, Jack White, Pixies, Paolo Nutini, Metallica, Kasabain, Fatboy Slim and Disclosure. Personally, my highlight of the entire trip was seeing Disclosure, of which I am obsessed. Ever since I first heard Latch, it has been a dream of mine to see Disclosure live. So, to see them not only at Arcadia on Saturday night, but also headlining West Holts Stage on Sunday night was fucking incredible.

Also, there was the worst storm seen at Glastonbury during the weekend. As we were watching Rudimental at the Pyramid on Friday, the storm hit so badly all electronics had to be shut down. We attempted creating a huddle in the field and waiting out the storm, but as that proved impossible, we instead legged it back to my parent's campervan. When we should have been out having the time of our lives, it seemed like most of the festival had ran to the closest area of dry, we luckily had access to a kettle, so we drank tea and attempted to warm ourselves from a chilly encounter. To the side is Chris and I waiting for the rain to stop so taking selfies.

But, as amazing as the whole trip was, there was a dark twist to proceedings. It was big news here in the UK, but I'm not completely sure of its world wide impact. The weekend before Glasto, Gerry Conlon past away. Now, if you haven't heard of Gerry, he's well worth googling. He was an incredible man who was part of a group falsely accused of IRA bombings in the 70's . After serving 14 years in prison, constantly pleading he was innocent, Gerry was exonerated. He and his story were impacting to the way miscarriages of justice are examined around the world. In fact, his story was turned into the film 'In The Name of the Father', starring Daniel Day-Lewis as Gerry. As important to the world his death was, it was incredibly impacting to my family, as my step-father was a close friend of Gerry. He'd actually visited Gerry in hospital in Belfast only a week before he passed. So, due to his passing, both my step-dad and my mum flew over from Glastonbury to Belfast for the funeral during the middle of the festival. To the side is a picture of Gerry (left) and my step-dad.

The next important event was my Year 13 Prom which happened at the beginning of July. This meant one of the final occasions in which the whole of my sixth form year group would be together. A last chance to say goodbye to teachers who had helped us, as well as each other. Everyone looked hella suave in their fancy suits and dresses. It was incredible to see how we'd all changed as a year group since we began as tiny Year 7's, back in 2007. I got ready before hand at Sophie M's, along with Katie, Sammy and Ellie B. We had a load of fun, listening to the Great Gatsby soundtrack on vinyl and classily drinking champagne. Also during our preparations, we had a mini photo shoot, which included me doing a spectacular photobomb in front of Sammy, Ellie B and Katie (to the left).

 After the actual ball, my group went back to Joe's house with the intention of keeping up the drinking, but really ending up watching two films that go hand in hand - the Aristocats and Jason X. Also during this 'after party' my dear friend Dan, who is a bit of a short arse compared to the rest of the guys, tried on my six inch heels. In the photo evidence to the side Dan is second from the right, still the shortest, even wearing six inch heels, along with (left to right) Alex, Joe and Michael.

So this is where I leave you for now. Currently, I am sat in my room at Falmouth Uni where I have just finished Freshers Fortnight. In a few posts time I will be doing an intro to uni life, what to expect. But to summarise, its been incredible so far.

As always, you can contact me through the comments below, and my twitter @StoneSymes (linked earlier in this post)
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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Change is inevitable - PART 1

Well hi there,

Its been some time since I last typed those words. In fact, since I last typed those words I've competed my a-levels, received my results and been accepted into my first choice university.
The era of secondary school education is over - I'm moving on up to higher education.

So as this massive life changing event is soon about to ensue, I thought it was about damn time I caught ya'll up with all the fun, tension relieving things I've been doing during the painful wait for that dreaded results day.

Now cast your minds all the way back to May (I know it seems a forever ago doesn't it).
On the 23rd of May , it was my year groups last ever day at our secondary school. So obviously, after saying emotional goodbye's to all our teachers and having a farewell briefing, we decided to get smashed at the local pub #LadsLadsLads. It was tough saying goodbye to some teachers - for example Mrs Leblond, a fantastic drama teacher, who was both my very first secondary school teachers, and my very last one. Mrs Leblond was the person who first truly encouraged me to pursue Theatre in a serious way, and honestly its thanks to her that I'm going to study Theatre at Falmouth University. Another teacher that held an emotional goodbye for me was Miss Smallman, or should I say Mrs Price now as she got married this summer (CONGRATULATIONS!!!!). Smallman was my English teacher at GCSE and Film teacher at A-Level, and always knows just what to say to stop me from having a crisis. For example, just before exams started I had a slight confidence crisis, and did the most pathetic thing of crying at her and about not being able to write essays. She basically told me that she knew I damn well could write a good essay, I just needed to stop doubting myself and just write without confidently.

Our year group decided to come into school for this final day in PETER PAN THEMED FANCY DRESS. It was awesome - our head of sixth form, Mr Penny, even donned a peter pan hat  #SwagPenny
Me, Katie and Rosie all chose to rock the Tigerlily look, whilst Sophie M and Sammy chose to fairy - it -up. Chris just decided to look slick in a suit. Zoe was a pirate, as were quite a few of friends - such as Alex who decided to bring in a treasure chest as his 'school bag' for the day. Dan FINAL wore his hella cool cat hat into school (why is it hella cool you ask - because I bought it for him) and everyone loved it, with most people trying it on at least once - even Mr Thorne, a Maths Teacher. But (geekily) one of the highlights was Katie and I getting a picture with the ever awesome Mr Chadwick and Miss Smallman, our film teachers. Those two years of film classes were amazing. Anyone how reads this and is like 'film, that's a pointless subject' - you are wrong. Its a bloody tricky subject at some points, but incredibly rewarding. Especially with teachers as fabulous and passionate as ours.

My next tale, the tale of the summer,  begins on the 12th of June - aka the day I turned 18.

As you will have seen by reading my last post, I had my A2 Theatre Studies Exam first thing on my birthday. It was a great way to start the day, I enjoyed the 2 and 1/2 hours stuck in the stuffy exam hall writing about Greek and Elizabethan theatre SO much. Actually, the sad part is I really enjoyed the 3rd section of the exam, it was all debate-y and fun - I even managed to include twitter in it ;)
But the actual fun started later that evening after having lunch with my dear friend, Katie C, and my father, DT, when I headed home and had a good old fashioned sleepover with my girl friends  - Sophie C, Sophie M, Sammy, Chloe, Ellie B & Zoe. We got drunk, danced to classic beats such as 'Gasolina' and the Eurovision classic 'Alcohol is Free' (which is pretty much played at all parties now) - and as you can see from the photo of me looking slightly possessed next to Sophie M, we had a jolly good time.

Well, as you can see from the title of this post, it is a multi-parted tale. Hopefully all parts will be posted before I leave for university, though knowing my lack of constancy posting on here, who the hell knows >.<
As always, you can contact me on the comments below, or by tweeting me @StoneSymes

Over and Out,

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Exam stress panic time - Drama edition

Well hi there, 

Yes, you guessed correctly, I am procrastinating from revising by writing a extremely unplanned blog post - so jump aboard the crazy train, I have no idea what the content of this will be.

Well first let's discuss a little thing I like to call 'DEATH VIA LYSISTRATA NOTES'. Tomorrow, as well as being my 18th birthday, it is my theatre studies A2 exam. Now for people who don't know me or the course, you'd think that would be ok, it's just an exam, suck it up Lauren and get on with it. Well how about a HELL NO. Theatre is my favourite subject, I love it from the very bottom of my soul, so much that I'm doing it at uni (if I pass my exams of course). Therefore you'd think revising would be a breath of fresh air, something I don't need to stress about. For you, kind sir, I present another HELL NO.

For one section of the exam we have to answer a question on how we'd direct/stage/design a production of Aristophanes 'Lysistrata'. If you are not aware of the play, it's basically an ingenious Greek bawdy play about the women in Athens having a sex strike to get the men to end the war. And of course it works. It's full of innuendo and is rather hilarious. Because of the extent of planning we are supposed to have done on this part of the exam, we get to take in copies of Lysistrata with written up notes on all production elements, as well as notes on the original Greek performance conditions. Now being the slightly OCD, highlighter obsessed nerd that I am, I thought writing up my exam text would be the most exciting experience of revision ever. I was so wrong. It's under 12 hours before the exam and I'm STILL annotating because I feel like I have forgotten things I won't even need to include in the exam. 

Now, some of you out there might think "well, Lauren, you get to take notes into the exam, that's hardly stressful, you've got everything you need with you.' Guess what, kind reader, another big fat HELL NO. Trying to write down in note form every possible element is driving me insane. Earlier today I realised I'd completely forgotten how I'd decided to get a key piece of furniture on stage and I almost had a heart attack. I'd like to bust the myth - TAKING NOTES INTO THEATRE STUDIES EXAM DOES NOT HELP, IT SIMPLY MAKES REVISION TEN TIMES MORE STRESSFUL. 

I'd also like to point out that at the time of writing this rant, I've drank approximately 1.5 litres of ice tea today. I think I might be going into peach ice tea overdose shock. 

Well, I won't hold you any longer. Most of you have probably given up reading because it's hardly an interesting subject of rant unless you are a fellow theatre studies student. 

As you know you can contact me in the comments below, or tweet me @StoneSymes 

But exams are over for me on the 19th of June and after that I promise to start posting regularly again. Hopefully slightly more coherently than this pile of panicy stress. 

Over and Out, 

Sunday, 11 May 2014

I HAD A SOCIAL LIFE ???? *level up*

Well hi there,

So I have been surprisingly sociable/active in leaving the house the past few weeks. It's shocking - in the 2 weeks I had off school for Easter I spent 1 of those days with friends and that was at my own house. Its also shocking because I'm in the middle of revision season - in fact, I have an English exam on Friday *prays to Raziel, Cas and Lucifer to give me a good grade*. The following is a break down of those events.

Me (Lauren), Katie, Sophie C
Zoe, Me, Katie, Sophie C

This is something me and my friends have been buzzed about for MONTHS. Me, Katie, Sophie C, Sophie M and Zoe went to the Bristol Hippodrome to see Derren's current show ... "INFAMOUS".

We all went out for a meal first, at Za Za Bazaar in Bristol and that was incredible. There was a really hot waiter who everyone was swooning over, and whenever Sophie M tried to take a photo of the floor plan of the restaurant, he seemed to walk past - he may or may not have thought it looked like she was taking pictures of him. If I was him I would have (HOT DAMN). Also there was an incident where Zoe tripped over nothing and threw a plate of chicken nuggets and ketchup at Sophie M that resulted in the quote - "I DIDN'T EVEN SEE YOU I JUST SAW CHICKEN NUGGETS" whilst we all were attacked by laughter.

The show was amazing, my mind was blown and I would recommend it to absolutely anyone. But of course, due to the secretive, mind twisting and still on tour nature of the show, that's about all I can tell you, dear reader.

Friday 25th April - ELLIE RETURNED

Now, many of you may not know but my dear friend Ellie moved away to York a couple of years ago. Until this day, I'd only seen her once since then, but as she was down our way she went out with us for the night. It was a similar crew of Katie, Sophie M and Zoe, and all night we were marvelling over the fact that we were all out twice in one week #LIVINGONTHEWILDSIDE

Wednesday 30th April to Thursday 8th May - MY THAI FAMILY WERE IN THE UK

As I mentioned in my previous post, my uncle's family from Thailand came over to the England for a couple of weeks. Luckily, during the weekend they were staying with us it was a bank holiday, so I actually got to spend some time with them.

We went to a market in Frome and around Longleat. Beer (my cousin, who is 6) was obsessed with looking around the animal exhibits at Longleat: when he found out we could get up real close to some actual penguins he almost passed out from excitement.

Friday 9th May - Last day with the Year 12's

This was a very sombre day. We were all a bit sad, especially me, by the concept that we wont be sharing the common room at my school with the year 12's ever again, now they're on study leave.
It was really quite depressing for me and Sophie C, who have been at school together almost every year since we started primary school. And it sucks as well because I'd really only just begun to start making friends with her year 12 friends properly. But, never you fear (I'm talking to you Hannah, Jess KB, Willow, Jess and all the people with whom I need to build stronger friendships before I leave for Uni) you cant get rid of me THAT easily - we've got an entire summer to do NOTHING and EVERYTHING!!

Saturday 10th May - EUROVISION/CHLOE'S 18TH

Last night it was arguably my favourite night of the year - the night of Eurovision. Now, many of you European readers may be sceptical about the joys of Eurovision, and readers from other continents might not even have a clue what I'm talking about. Well, in this case I'll borrow a phrasing that someone used on a tumblr post "a bunch of hot women and gay guys each represent different European countries and they then see who's song is the 'best' - oh and don't forget, most countries only votes for their neighbours". As you can tell, its a celebration of awesomeness. In fact, this years winner for Austria, Conchita Wurst, is so flawless with her incredible beauty and beard that she's being dubbed 'Queen Conchita' by some. And I don't blame them, her song was incredibly powerful - if you haven't heard it yet, its worth as listen.

Every year, due to tradition, me and some friends (Alex, Ewan, Katie and Chloe) get together at one of our houses and have a Eurovision party. Luckily this year it fell on the same day as Chloe's 18th, so we were round hers last night. We devised a drinking game where you drank when certain different things such as unnecessary backing dancers or awkward interaction between the hosts we seen (THESE WERE BOTH VERY OFTEN).
Our favourites this year were Iceland with their fabulous song, Belarus and their answer to Robin Thicke performing 'Cheesecake' and Poland because not only did they have unnecessary backing dancers, but they also has the sex factor, by having heavily cleavage-d woman at both sides of the stage churning butter or washing clothes #Hot

 But for now, dear reader, I must away - I have an awful lot of revision and practice essays to do. If I don't return for a while, assume I have melted into a soup of well structured topic sentences and language, form and structure points.

You can find me as always on twitter @StoneSymes or in the comments below
Over and Out,

Saturday, 19 April 2014


Well hi there,

Wow - I haven't typed that on here in a while. But I mean it; hi there readers of the world (or most likely just my friends). How you doing folks? Its been approximately 4 months since my last post and lets be frank, I was pretty intermittent before that. So I'm not going to make the usual I'll be back for real promises because honestly at the moment, I won't. But I thought you might want an update.

That's me people, on the right. On the left is Sophie, my dearest friend, but that's the most recent picture I have of me looking vaguely human so I thought I'd give you a reminder of the face that matches this written voice. (SIDE NOTE - Funny to think, isn't it. As much as i'm sat in my room typing this into my laptop with my voice, you guys are all reading this in your own voices. Weird, man.)

There are going to be some weirdly big life changes for me this year. Like weirdly big. I'm currently undertaking A2 (the second year of A-Levels) and in September I should be moving away from home for the first time ever to go to university. For those who care, I'm hoping to study Theatre at Falmouth (and obviously write YA novels in my spare time).

But as I said above, the big thing in my life currently is my A-Level exams (including a 2 and a half hour written drama exam first thing in my birthday, yay). This means constant revision, finalising film coursework and dying slowly on the inside. The only social event I'm looking forward to is Eurovision and that's about it. 

But there are a couple of cool thing happening, like my family from Thailand is coming over to visit. This is super cool because 1) I NEVER see them, due to them being a 13 hour flight away and 2) My uncle's bringing over his wife, daughter and grandson as well. The daughter (Jane) and Grandson (Beer) have never been to the UK before, so it should be brilliant!!

The other cool thing is I'm turning 18 in June, which is a massive milestone. Even though most of my friends have been 18 for a while already due to them being born early in the school year, I'm just kinda chilling like 'I still can't buy alcohol, I still can't go out ... I'll just stay home and watch ANOTHER season of Supernatural.' (Which I mean, is brilliant because none of them then distract me, but still. 

So that's all I've got for you folks at the moment. A summary of what's happened in the last four months is this: Christmas, New Year, Valentines (another lonely one, no love on the horizon for me - so I spent it with Katie), I arranged a massive surprise day for Katie for her birthday (which I've got a post about that I will should post at some point), I saw Bastille again (again, amazing), I went to all my University interviews and got offers from all of them, my brother from another mother (Jamie) turned 15, my friend Maria had an early birthday party, I had mock exams, and DIVERGENT CAME OUT AND IT WAS PERFECT!!! - Still waiting for Vampire Academy to come out over here, me and my friend Sammy are angstily waiting for it. 

If you want photographical evidence of any of that, or just to see what I've been going on about, you can find me near constantly on twitter @StoneSymes 
Also if you wanna contact me, you can comment below :)

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